Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've been busy...Reflections and stuff

Hello! I have been in a rut for the past 3 to 4 weeks... This all started before we left for HK on July 15. Since then though, there'd been a lot of stuff I had to do and want to do. This blog is sort of my journal too in that a year from now, I'd want to know what I was doing, thinking and stuff.  So in summary, so I don't forget here's what I have been busy with.

July 12 - signed up with Fitness First! Need to go to the gym and lose some weight more especially ass weight! :)
July 15-18 - went to Hong Kong. Bought my first LV. Gio and I both bought ourselves one and we're soooo happy. Hope to scrap those soon. :)
July 24-25 - it's college basketball (UAAP) time again and of course we can't miss any DLSU games so the next weekend after HK, we watched the biggest game ever - DLSU won over Ateneo and we haven't beaten them since 2007! We were there at the Araneta Coliseum jumping up and down the entire game! Happiest and bestest game I've ever watched! And then the next day we were suppose to rest but we decided to go to Greenbelt 5 and watch Inception. But we missed it anyway due to the sumptuous dinner we had. Gio also bought another LV. Yes, now he's addicted and I'm scared for him. haha
July 31-Aug - the next weekend when we thought we could finally rest, we had to attend a baptism on Saturday and then another basketball game on Sunday which got extended to us watching the movie Salt so we went home late again.

On weekdays, of course I work and I don't know what got into me but I have a new found love for sleeping. It started because of my need to sleep first before I head out to the gym. So after work, I'd eat early lunch with Gio (11am) then sleep until 2pm then head to the gym around 3 or 4. And since then, I have been sleeping A LOT! Even on days when I don't think I'd fall asleep coz I wasn't that tired but I do. In the past, after work I'd just go straight into my scrap room and stay there until around 7pm (no wonder my ass has grown this huge!) then head straight to bed to sleep before my work starts at around 1am. So a 4 to 5-hour sleep for me everyday is normal. But now, I add 3-4 more hours to that in between! I've read in a lot of magazines and books that sleep is good for one's health & skin coz that's the only time our body and skin has time to rejuvenate. And I really want to do it but I just feel at times that sleeping is a waste of time. Like I can do so much more if I only sleep enough but I guess 4 to 5 hrs is not enough because now I'm lovin' if and I feel so refreshed and good after my afternoon nap. :)

I'm not sure if this is only a phase but I feel my life is more balanced now. I'm back to reading books & going to the gym and not only scrapping.  I felt that I was happy before because of the scrapbook pages I finish and that was enough but I forgot the other facets of my life. Scary that scrapbooking can do this to me huh? But I feel I've grown and have overcome that exciting phase. Because of our HK trip too, I realized I was neglecting my closet, my physical features, my stuff because I spend all my efforts and money into scrapbooking but have now realized that there's a lot more out there than that and I should balance everything out. So I don't have any stretchy scrappy goals now except for my DT assignments. I don't push myself to finish more than I can handle and will scrap for the pleasure of it and when creativity hits me and not to hit some challenge deadlines and stuff. I have also tried controlling the urges to buy the new releases because I still have tons from CHA last year that I have not used and so I subbed to My Scrapbook Nook's kit too (to combat the hunger of buying new stuff) and will start using my stash instead of buying more that I know I won't be able to use because I just don't have enough time.

This gym thing is really serious for me. I really want to lose weight. The hardest part is that Gio is not encouraging me because he says he's fine with how my body looks now but I really am not okay with it. I feel heavy everyday, I have a hard time tying shoe laces sometimes, my pants are getting so tight (I don't want to go one size bigger than I already am). I used to be a size 8 when Gio and I started out, now I'm a size 12 and would really really hate myself if I go to size 14! So it has got to stop in addition to the fact that I couldn't wear what I want. I always need to consider my arms, what my thighs and hips would look like. I never used to think about those because I looked good in anything I want to wear before (I don't mean to brag but I really do at size 8!) :). I don't think I can go back to a size 8 (something you realize when you hit late 30's) coz my metabolism and eating habits just wont be able to catch up even if I work out that hard. I just want to go down to a 10 and I'd be a very happy lady then. :)

So all this and more are going through my head and I just don't have enough time in a day to do all that I want to. But now I think I got it. I found the balance I want and need. So you'll probably see less projects from me but know that when I do them, they are special and I was in a really creative mood. I'm reading books again, I missed them I have hundreds more to read on my bookshelf. I'm consistently going to the gym 3x a week and still get time to scrap some days (but not everyday now).

Before I end this pretty long narrative, I'd like to leave this layout that I did before leaving for Hong Kong. It's all Prima and it's me and one of my flower girls on my wedding day. She was so pretty and just loved to pose for that picture. :)

Wish me luck on losing weight! :)



  1. good luck on loosing weight! Lord knows I need some of that luck too! I'll take your ass weight if you take my belly weight! lol
    btw, that LO is gorgeous!

  2. good luck on your weight loss journey, perhaps you can find a friend to work out with, that always makes it easier :D

  3. Gorgeous layout!! Make your workout fun and you'll do great!! Good luck!!

  4. oh this is so gorgeous. Very classic and elegant



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