Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ever After

Here's a two-page layout I created for the September sketch challenge over at Scrapbooks & Stuff Blog. This is my first time to create a two-page layout and I have to admit it was definitely more challenging than the one page LO but I enjoyed the process.

Here's the sketch:

I used mostly the DCWV La Creme line. It does fit well for our wedding pictures. These were our shots at the Church and this day was just unforgettable for me.

The journaling was from our wedding song "I don't want to miss a thing." Yes, that's our song and its by Aerosmith. But if you listed closely to the lyrics it's just perfect.

Journaling: I just want to stay with you in this moment forever.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adorable You

This LO is based on the Sketch 32 posted at Scrappiest. This was a quick layout since I've got plenty of "to do's" but I really liked the outcome.

Here's the sketch:
And here's my take:

Materials used: Prima Acacia CS, PPS border (can't remember the brands because they're left overs), Inqueboard Memoirs, Provo Craft 3D stickers, Rob and Bob Epoxy Stickers, Creative Imagination narratives epoxy stickers, WRMK chipboards and brackets, ribbons and button (no brand), Prima flowers, Craft Express epoxy photo corners.

This is another attempt at creating a "non-distressed" page. Enjoying it so far! :)

Thanks for looking, goodnight.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Scrapbook Express Entries

It looks like I've not been scrapping the past two weeks but I actually am. Just haven't found the time to post all of them and edit the pictures. Here are two layouts, two cards and 1 project I made for the scrapbook express DT Call.

This first card is a folding card which I learned from Cookie in one of RM's workshop. Finally had the opportunity to do it.
This is the altered project I did. It features pictures from our Honeymoon last January.

Here's an LO I did - I totally had fun combining the diffent flower textures and that one strip I slipped under our legs (did that by creating a cut that's the size of the ribbon width).
This is the layout and a card based on the sketch that was posted.

Updated blog lists

Finally had the time to organize my blog lists! Now I can use my blog as my favorites instead of the long lists of bookmarks in firefox. So happy I finally took the time to do it. And I even tried editing the template! Thank God it worked hihihi... I changed the blog archive to show a calendar. :)

Next up is how I can change how my blog looks like - I wanted to have an extra column on the right to show more links and widgets - but I have no clue at the moment how to do that. Good luck to me! :)

Artz de Scrap Tutorial Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak of my tutorial for Artz de Scrap this October! Do check Artz de Scrap this Thursday!

Grey's Anatomy & Andoy - something in common?

I've been an avid fan of the Grey's Anatomy TV show, from it's first season to the latest (been waiting for it for a few months now). It is now on its 6th season just like House is. Their first episode which was a two-hour special was really heartbreaking. It is all about the five stages of grief mainly because George died. When last season ended, everybody was left hanging because both Izzie and George were on their close-to-death bed. Glad to know Izzie survived but then again, George died.

The first episode was heart wrenching in that it focused mainly on how people who experience sorrow deal with it differently. But however we show it, there's still that five stages we have to go through. They are in order and can't be skipped.
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Here are some quotes from the episode which crushed my heart because it is so true...
"That's how you know you're alive, when it hurts so much you can't breathe, that's when you know you'll survive."
"The worst part about grief is you can't control it, the best thing for us to do is to let ourselves feel it when it comes and let it go when we can."
"The very worst part is that the minute you think you're past it, it starts all over again and always, everytime, it takes your breath away."

I remember feeling this way in the past, when I thought I couldn't handle it. When everyday feels like there's thousands of needles stabbing my heart. I certainly don't feel this way now - not one bit but I just want to write something about it and remind myself in case I ever feel that way again ( I really hope not), that it is okay and it will pass. That however way I deal with it, it will bury itself sooner or later because there are these stages and that should somehow reassure me that in due time, I will learn to accept it all.

I guess this is also the perfect time to write about this because of the families that got affected by the storm "Andoy" last Saturday (September 26, 2009). As of this writing, death count is around 73. Their families are grieving right now but this too shall pass...

Survivor Season 19 - Russell

I hate Russell! I know he makes the show exciting but I still hate him! So much!
I know this is probably what he wants to happen, have everybody talk about him and I don't care really, I just really really hate him. At this rate, Galu tribe will probably dominate the game so I hope Russell gets voted off soon enough.

House Season 6

It has finally started! Hon and I watched the season premier which I downloaded :) last Tuesday. So happy!!! The TV shows I follow are all finally back!!! :)

The two-hour premier is a short recap of what House went through at the psychiatric hospital. It showed a sort of "brand-new" Dr. House because he actually followed the advise of the doctor. Now we'll see if he really did change and if he's actually healed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rey & Riss Wedding

Sunday started early for the two of us. We decided to have breakfast at Wai Ying. This is in Ongpin and yes we do travel this far for good food! We just love food! :) We left around 8:30am.
We went with my mom, sis and Nathan (my adorable and kiti kiti nephew!). Dimsum galore that what I call it when we go here. We also discovered a new dimsum - Ham Soi Kok. We loved it when Kuya Obet ordered it in Hong Kong. It was not as good as what we had in HK but it was pretty close. So one more reason for us to go back there. :)
We got a bit late at Rey (my former boss) and Riss' Wedding but we made it anyway. We were there at the picture taking! Which is what matters most! JK! Went straight to Blue Leaf for the reception. We got nice pictures at the photo booth, here they are.
Since the wedding started at 2pm, we anticipated that it would finish early so we packed casual clothes and went straight to Boni High. We were just strolling around the area and fortunately we found a black mailman's bag! We've been looking for a really good bag that's just the right size and we finally found one at Aldo. Hon also bought 2 long sleeve shirts at Sisley - he couldn't resist it because they look really really good on him. Take note, he already has about 15 long sleeve shirts. His closet is actually more full than mine! That's a shame on me isn't it? I don't mind though - my scrap stuff occupies one whole room anyway. haha

When we got tired we just sat beside one of the fountains in the middle while eating my fro-yo. And we talked a bit longer than usual under the night sky that was surprisingly clear that day. We don't actually do that, randomly sit at a park or something with lots of people around us. So all in all, it was a rare and unforgettable day for me. I had so much fun.

Saturday Bzzzz...

We were suppose to go jogging around 9am. God knows how I have been begging him to go jog for the past 3-4 weeks but it keeps raining (I call it his excuses). And finally Saturday came and it was not raining, unfortunately I was the one who couldn't get out of the bed! Not sure what it is, but I'm a early riser but for some weird reason I got up at 10:30am. I couldn't believe it myself but oh well.... then came the next problem... we do not have lunch... solution: we went out and had lunch at Mann Hann! Loved and missed it! Can't remember when we last ate there.
After lunch, I decided to have my hair cut a bit short. There were still curly strands left and I want to get rid of it because it gives me a hard time every morning. The good thing is, I finally found my hairdresser again - Dennis at David's. We don't really go to SM Annex because it's way too far but since we were there yesterday I found out they'd transferred there so I'm happy got my hairdresser back!
When we got home around 3pm, we slept once more! hehe that's why it's called a saturday bzzzz... Woke up just in time to get dressed for our dinner with our ninong. We were suppose to have dinner at Moomba but since there is an event, we ended up at Annabels. Which was way better if you ask me. Had Paella and Prawns... Yuum yuum... now I'm getting hungry!
After dinner, we went to Metrowalk where he'll meet his college friends while I blog away at Starbucks. But all seats were taken when we arrived around 10:30pm so instead of waiting there, we decided that I just take the car home and he'll just get a cab. And when I got home, I was planning on doing all this blog and more blog hopping but guess what happened? I fell asleep! again! heeheeehee there goes my Saturday!

Timeworks FX & Survivor is baaaack!

After doing a bit of research and with LG's advise, finally decided to buy myself the Timeworks FX machine last friday!

Brought the car last friday to work and Val went to our house so we could watch Survivor at 3pm. She's scared to miss it if she goes straight home to Fairview. But dang! We don't have Jack TV! I hate skycable for taking out that channel! Darn! Given that I have no other choice, I went ahead and downloaded it. While it was downloading, Hon and I went to SM after Val left. That's when we looked for the machine and since it was at 0% installment for 12k, I immediately grabbed it. The SM guys delivered and installed it that same day after SM closed! Hehe unfortunately, I didn't get to use it yet. The rest of the weekend will unfold in my next posts.
Initially he was suppose to meet a client around 9pm in T. Morato and while he's in the meeting, I was planning on going to Soneva for a massage. But when that meeting got cancelled, we decided to watch for the 2nd time, Harry Potter & the half blood prince at IMAX! Again! And the first 12 mins is once again exhilarating! It was so much fun! hehe para kong bata. :)
Anyway, the reason why we watched it again is because last weekend we went on a Harry Potter Marathon 1-5! I bought the DVD and he got hooked! hehehe...

So after HP, I finally got to watch Survivor while Hon stopped by our Ninong's house for a birthday celebration. Survivor is back and it's still as exciting as always! I already have my bet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My work will be published!!! Yipee!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked my email today. It was from Scrapbook News and Review Magazine saying that they are going to publish my work!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
At first I couldn't even remember what LO I've submitted hehehe but it was the one with the altered paper I've made for scrappinmoms Idol! Whew! So glad the stress I've had finally paid off!

OMG!!!! This is a first for me so forgive me for screaming at you! Can't wait to get a copy of that magazine! Wipeeee!!!

I don't think I can post the pictures here because I just signed the contract and it's officially SNR's property now. But will update once it's posted on the mag!

So Happy!!! Ooops! Back to work now! (hehehe)

Monday, September 14, 2009

09 Scrapfest

Okay, I'm only posting the scrapfest pics today because I just got the pictures from Evie this weekend. We had fun over at the scrapfest event last Aug 29. Especially the shopping spree! The place was swarming with stores and shoppers! Just shopped the entire morning of the event. Don't ask me how much I spent! Grrr....
So excited upon arrival! :)
This is the make and take at Visual Creations booth. Thanks Au and Nita for sharing!
Scrapping time!
On here we're just playing around while waiting for the idol announcement.
And to end the day, we had dinner at TGIF as an advance bday celebration.
Anyway, here's also a layout I've made after the scrapfest.

That's it folks! :)

Artz de Scrap Sept Desk Calendar Take

The tutorial for this month at Artz de Scrap is a Desk Calendar. I created mine a bit differently from the tutorial because I was in the mood to make ATC cards. The idea began when I thought of the unused playing cards I have left. I used that as the ATC base (I know it's not actually an ATC because of the size but I just want to call it ATC anyway).

The calendar stand was made of an ordinary illustration board which I just scored in to the size I want. I then painted the bottom and the sides with pink Kaiser paint then covered the front and back with patterned papers. I only used one line of PS by the way - Rhonna Farrer AL papers. I think I cut up about 10 patterns. I adhered them to the playing cards and then I played with it.

I did a lot of stamping, masking, resist, crackle, distressing and more! I totally had fun although I had a hard time removing all the inks from my hands after. My non-stick craft sheet is proving to be so worth the cost! Just love it.
I made a total of 14 ATCs. 0-3 for the numbers on the left and 1-0 for the numbers on the right.

The left side of the calendar where the months would be written is actually made of acetate. The box on top is a love notes acetate from MLYB. Since these are acetates, you can actually write on it and erase it later on. I did write 2010 January on the second picture and wrote to do's underneath the month. So you can actually customize this calendar and use and re-use it because the months and year can be written and erased how every many times you wish.

All the numbers used were actually done through masking using Tim Holtz Alpha Masks. Just love 'em all!
Head on over at Artz de Scrap and check out what the other designers have come up with to get your mojo's fired up! :)

Post bday celeb at Redbox with my colleagues

I had another birthday celebration this time with my colleagues last Sept 5 at Redbox Trinoma.
We were there from noon 'til 3pm and everybody had their turn singing.
It was fun and hope we could do it again next year (if my budget permits hehe). Thanks Jay for the beautiful IKEA lamp and Val for the really nice book! I've added it on my shelfari site. :) Thanks to everyone who attended, didn't expect all of you to be there but was surprised you all made it! Thanks much! :)

Here I am singing with JJ (Jam and Jay) hehe... Hope we could spend more time guys!
Evie with Digi singing her heart out with a song from Avril Lavigne if I'm not mistaken hihi.
Of course my honey! Mwaah!
Here's more...

Until next year...Cheers!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here's a layout I finished tonight. It was still one of my pictures from the wedding. I just love this picture because it inspires me to create.

It was a perfect day for a wedding. The sun was up early, it wasn't too windy and all the guests were on time and were all wearing their bestest attire. My groom was so happy and so was I. It was a day

Materials used:
Prima Flowers, Karen Foster Rub-on, Heidi Grace Chipboad, BG buttons and brads, AAS flowers, AC Thickers, Ribbon (misc), PPS: Imagination, BG, Scenic Route & AMM, Stamps: Prima & Imaginisce, AC Alpha stickers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artz de Scrap September Challenge

I cannot believe it's the start of the "ber" months! Time flies so fast when you're busy and having fun I guess. And for the September Challenge at Artz de Scrap, we are altering lanterns!

Here's my take and do check out the rest of the DT's beautiful creations!

I stamped on the vellum and embossed it with black ranger embossing powrders, added 3 sets of flowers around the circle and once the candle is lit, you can still kind of see the big beads at the back.

Please join us and crate your own unique lanterns too! :)

New Prima Goodies

Check out these new Prima flowers & bling! Beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on 'em.
Head on out to their blog to check more of it!

Post bday post - the BIG 30

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a holiday here in the Philippines. And because it is, I get to spend time with my entire family because we all don't have work. We all had lunch buffet at Something Fishy in Eastwood and went to the new mall after just to hang around. I'll post the pictures when I get hold of 'em. It doesn't sound fun but our families love food so much and with 25 of us, no matter how small the occasion is it becomes huge.

There's no better way of spending my birthday than with all my loved ones all gathered together. I could not have asked for more. Thanks for the gifts from all my Ate's and of course from my honey. I got to get 2 new bags - 1 Benetton Laptop Bag and 1 Esprit White bag. And my gift for myself are 2 new shoes and a wallet.

Hon and I also watched UP at Trinoma - it was a super sweet and totally hilarious movie. A perfect ending to my perfect day.

What's more is days leading to my bday was also filled with fun. Last Saturday, Evie and I went to Scapfest - spent the whole day there and I actually won 2 raffle prizes! I don't win in raffles most of the time! :) We had dinner at TGIF and since evie spent the night at our house, we were up 'til midnight going through our Joann's stuff. And I also find out I won one of the games at Dixie Pieces! What fun!

And last Sunday, we went to Duty Free Phils and that's where my gifts were bought and we went straight to our Department GA in Eastwood for a bowling and billiard games then Dinner at Flying Pig. Hon and I also watched District 9 after dinner.

Thanks to everyone who greeted me through FB, Friendster & text - it flooded my email but I really appreciate it!


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