Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Post bday post - the BIG 30

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a holiday here in the Philippines. And because it is, I get to spend time with my entire family because we all don't have work. We all had lunch buffet at Something Fishy in Eastwood and went to the new mall after just to hang around. I'll post the pictures when I get hold of 'em. It doesn't sound fun but our families love food so much and with 25 of us, no matter how small the occasion is it becomes huge.

There's no better way of spending my birthday than with all my loved ones all gathered together. I could not have asked for more. Thanks for the gifts from all my Ate's and of course from my honey. I got to get 2 new bags - 1 Benetton Laptop Bag and 1 Esprit White bag. And my gift for myself are 2 new shoes and a wallet.

Hon and I also watched UP at Trinoma - it was a super sweet and totally hilarious movie. A perfect ending to my perfect day.

What's more is days leading to my bday was also filled with fun. Last Saturday, Evie and I went to Scapfest - spent the whole day there and I actually won 2 raffle prizes! I don't win in raffles most of the time! :) We had dinner at TGIF and since evie spent the night at our house, we were up 'til midnight going through our Joann's stuff. And I also find out I won one of the games at Dixie Pieces! What fun!

And last Sunday, we went to Duty Free Phils and that's where my gifts were bought and we went straight to our Department GA in Eastwood for a bowling and billiard games then Dinner at Flying Pig. Hon and I also watched District 9 after dinner.

Thanks to everyone who greeted me through FB, Friendster & text - it flooded my email but I really appreciate it!

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