Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rey & Riss Wedding

Sunday started early for the two of us. We decided to have breakfast at Wai Ying. This is in Ongpin and yes we do travel this far for good food! We just love food! :) We left around 8:30am.
We went with my mom, sis and Nathan (my adorable and kiti kiti nephew!). Dimsum galore that what I call it when we go here. We also discovered a new dimsum - Ham Soi Kok. We loved it when Kuya Obet ordered it in Hong Kong. It was not as good as what we had in HK but it was pretty close. So one more reason for us to go back there. :)
We got a bit late at Rey (my former boss) and Riss' Wedding but we made it anyway. We were there at the picture taking! Which is what matters most! JK! Went straight to Blue Leaf for the reception. We got nice pictures at the photo booth, here they are.
Since the wedding started at 2pm, we anticipated that it would finish early so we packed casual clothes and went straight to Boni High. We were just strolling around the area and fortunately we found a black mailman's bag! We've been looking for a really good bag that's just the right size and we finally found one at Aldo. Hon also bought 2 long sleeve shirts at Sisley - he couldn't resist it because they look really really good on him. Take note, he already has about 15 long sleeve shirts. His closet is actually more full than mine! That's a shame on me isn't it? I don't mind though - my scrap stuff occupies one whole room anyway. haha

When we got tired we just sat beside one of the fountains in the middle while eating my fro-yo. And we talked a bit longer than usual under the night sky that was surprisingly clear that day. We don't actually do that, randomly sit at a park or something with lots of people around us. So all in all, it was a rare and unforgettable day for me. I had so much fun.

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