Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday Bzzzz...

We were suppose to go jogging around 9am. God knows how I have been begging him to go jog for the past 3-4 weeks but it keeps raining (I call it his excuses). And finally Saturday came and it was not raining, unfortunately I was the one who couldn't get out of the bed! Not sure what it is, but I'm a early riser but for some weird reason I got up at 10:30am. I couldn't believe it myself but oh well.... then came the next problem... we do not have lunch... solution: we went out and had lunch at Mann Hann! Loved and missed it! Can't remember when we last ate there.
After lunch, I decided to have my hair cut a bit short. There were still curly strands left and I want to get rid of it because it gives me a hard time every morning. The good thing is, I finally found my hairdresser again - Dennis at David's. We don't really go to SM Annex because it's way too far but since we were there yesterday I found out they'd transferred there so I'm happy got my hairdresser back!
When we got home around 3pm, we slept once more! hehe that's why it's called a saturday bzzzz... Woke up just in time to get dressed for our dinner with our ninong. We were suppose to have dinner at Moomba but since there is an event, we ended up at Annabels. Which was way better if you ask me. Had Paella and Prawns... Yuum yuum... now I'm getting hungry!
After dinner, we went to Metrowalk where he'll meet his college friends while I blog away at Starbucks. But all seats were taken when we arrived around 10:30pm so instead of waiting there, we decided that I just take the car home and he'll just get a cab. And when I got home, I was planning on doing all this blog and more blog hopping but guess what happened? I fell asleep! again! heeheeehee there goes my Saturday!

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