Thursday, October 29, 2009

I miss scrapbooking already!!!

Since we got back from China, I haven't done any layout nor projects at all... Not sure what came first - I'm missing my mojo or I'm obsessing about re-organizing my room. Well, whichever came first I chose the last. I guess this all started when hubby said we need more space in the room in preparation for the baby (although that's not until next year) and I went clothes shopping also 2 weeks ago and my clothes don't fit in my closet anymore (so I need another closet) - okay so maybe I'm just using that as a reason to re-organize hehehe...
But really I guess it started when I saw this blog - wookie mouse that featured organization solutions for every type of scrapbooking materials you have! So I've been browsing through all the links provided there and I'm in awe of the scrap rooms that I saw! I envy them! Oh well, check out the blog if you have time - it's in my organization links.

So for the last 8 days or so, here's what I did:

1. Measured the size of the room - created a layout and tried different types of closets I've seen.

2. Home depot hopping (Home Depot, Ikea websites, Ace Hardware, SM, Trinoma, HMR)

3. Purchased a 6-door closet

4. Purchased a shoe cabinet to store my scrapbook items
5. Purchased a cube display rack for more scrapbook items
6. Purchased cropper hopper 12x12 vertical paper storage - though this hasn't arrived yet.
7. Boxed all my scrapbook stuff and purged!

8. Took out my scrapbook table and my current black metal storage.

9. Removed all the installed panels on the wall and all the hooks (this was hard!) And I totally don't expect hubby to help because he's just not the hardware-guy type. I knew that before I married him hehe...

Okay so all these new items just got delivered and installed yesterday. So now I'm in the bloody part where I need to take everything from the boxes and sort them out and find a space and container for each type of god knows what! hehehe. I'm sure you know what I mean.

So, here's some pictures of my "before" room and soon I'll post the "after" room. :)

Here's the table that I need to get rid of. It's actually a real hardwood table that's gonna last you a lifetime but it's just occupying too much space in the room - this will be replaced by the 3x4 cube display rack. And all those wall hangings are gone! This time I want my space clean and unclattered! So most will be hidden! :)

This black container of mixes of SB stuff just has to go too - will be replaced by a shoe cabinet. I loved it but I just hate that I see everything in the open and all the clutter makes me crazy.

So, next up will be my "new room" that I've been working on. Hopefully I finish sorting, packing and labelling everything tomorrow. I actually have to because my DT album assignment is still a work in progress and it got stalled because of this obsession of mine!



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