Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So where have I been huh? Been really busy the past two weeks with work and so there was a little indulging done too. Before Vday last week, DH and I went to Trinoma to look for a watch for him. He's been itching to buy one and we ended up buying a His and Hers Philip Stein and one more Kenneth Cole watch for him. His white Nike watch recently got broken so he needed another white watch (excuses huh?).  And as we were just roaming around, we saw the Charriol shop and I've been eyeing it for quite sometime now and he convinced me to buy a bracelet! crazy! But he said i deserved it, so I believed him. LOL!

Then right after we bought those, I actually was given a CEO award that same night! So I guess I really did deserve it right? It was a perfect day. :)

Then that weekend, came Vday then back to work and work has been really crazy for me. Been sleeping a lot less because of it. Too stressed! But all my parcels arrived on Friday!. It was literally parcel day because I got my goods from a friend through a balikbayan box. They are my SILHOUETTE SD!!!, Joann goodies and punchers!!!

Next to that, my BG origins order have arrived. Been waiting for it for a month and was finally glad it arrived. And lastly, my Twopeas order have arrived too! This one was shipped through Johnny Air so it only took less than 2 weeks! I got all the new Prima CHA papers! As in all of it! tee hee... A few stamps and flowers too! :)

I was so high and thought nothing could go wrong but I knew it couldn't be that perfect. So there was a problem with my parcel shipped through our post office. The parcel costs $65 only and they wanted me to pay $35 for the shipping cost!!! That's more than 50% of the total freakin' cost!!! I was so mad because this was the first time they actually are billing me for customs duties!!! That's cray because i've been shipping through them so many times already! I gotta tell you, the system is freakin trash!!!

Anyhow, that should've given you an idea how mad i was right? Well enough about that, I got over it anyway. I left my parcel there and still have not picked it up. Maybe I'm hoping for a miracle... whatever. By the time I got home on friday, DH wanted to get his haircut done so I tagged along. So by the time we got home I was dead sleepy. The next day, worked like hell and right afte rmy shift we went straight to Duty Free and then to the Travel Expo over at SM MOA. I had a foot spa after the expo because DH had to meet a client for an hour or two. We were home at around 6pm and you can imagine my excitement with my new toy right? So I still managed to set it up and try it despite being awake for almost 24 hours! But no regrets there! That toy was AMAZING! Even DH was amazed and asked me why I only bought it now!!! Haha that made me laugh! :)

Sunday is family day. We went out for lunch with DH's family, off to celebrate my SIL's bday. Then we went to Shang rila where he bought another watch! It was the Issey Miyaki watch we saw at HK 2 years ago and he was so suprised to see it here so he bought it! Watch you say? yes, again.  Then we were going to meet with SIL again at around 8pm that same day at Serendra so we've got time to kill. We went to Glorietta and I had my version of indulgence too. :) I've been wanting to go to Clarins Institut for the longest time and I finally decided to go. I had a facial and bought new goodies for my face, It's just about time because my stuff is almost depleted. I'm using Philosophy products and I read in a magazine lately that as we age, our skin needs vary.  I need moisturizers that have specific ingredients to help the skin regenerate faster because it's starting to slow down. Bottom line is I spent 12k on those new products. I didn't mind because they really last a long time. And as DH said, I spend as much on scrappy stuff why not on my skin which is more important? Amen to that! :)

That was it for me so you can imagine that my monday was dedicated to my bed. :) But I ended up cleaning my scrapbook room a bit too. I couldn't help it.

So last week, I only managed to create one layout and here it is. Will post details tomorrow when I get a chance.



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