Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weepy weekend...

Yesterday, my mom, sister and bro moved out of their apartment (which was just one house away from where Gio and I live).  After work (Saturday early AM), I actually drove them to the new apartment which was 17 kms away from us!  This made me really sad. I hate to admit it but ever since I found out (last monday) that they are moving out this weekend, I've been sort of lost. I couldn't sleep at all the whole week, I was unstable for some reason. Separation issues I guess...

Since I was a kid, I've been very close to my mom. And we've never really been apart since. When I got married, we lived one house apart so no big deal at all. Nothing seemed to have changed. But now that they are moving far.. i just couldn't bare the thought of really being alone... Of course I have Gio but on weekdays I'm normally all by myself because we have opposite work schedules.  I never really felt alone because I know they are just a few steps away from me. And I love my nephew so much. He's my source of joy. Whenever work gets to me, I just tell them to go over our house and my day gets a whole lot better.  This makes me really really really want my own kid... but not just yet...

But now they're really gone and I was crying when I got home yesterday from driving them. I never thought it would affect me this much and it just made me realize how important family is to me.... I can have all the riches in the world but if I don't have my family,  I'd be really lost... So I wouldn't trade family for anything!

Gio was consoling me of course and we went out for breakfast yesterday and spent most of the day cuddling too. And then today, we also had dinner outside then coffee for me before going home. 

I miss 'em... I really do... Wonder what's it gonna be like this coming week...

No Cheers for me this time,


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