Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Story

I can't believe Christmas is over... although the morning breeze and evening wind still feels like Christmas. Yesterday and the night before Christmas was so fun filled and happy for our families. We heard mass at CCP Complex - the view there was just amazing. And as usual we had supper at Aristocrat - Christmas won't be complete without chicken bbq! :) We had the longest table in the resto arranged. We were about 28 pax! Yes! Good thing the area is really wide. Of course this is because Gio's family occupied like 3/4 of the table.

I brought with me my mom, sis, bro and nephew too. We're a very small family and since 2 years ago, I've started bringing them with me so Gio and I didn't have to choose where to spend Christmas Eve with. Super cool solution huh? Good thing our parents knew each other from way back when we were kids. :)

On Christmas day, we headed off to my mother in laws' house to exchange gifts. Being a big family that they are, you can imagine the many gifts being given and received. We had lunch there and waited for a few more relatives to arrive and give more gifts. After all the commotion, we had a power nap and headed straight to SM Mall of Asia for dinner through Aling Tonya's (This is our usual eat out, we sooooo love the cooking here!). I say cooking because we buy the seafoods and have it cooked in that resto. Chili crab, Tempura, Sinigang sa Miso (local fave), Shrimp Halabos - superb combinations!!!

Right after dinner we went to Starbucks (near Shell station) and stayed there for a few more hours just chattin'. We also prepped for New Year Eve's activities. We planned to do exchange gifts, arrange a Pinoy Henyo game for couples and some Bingo time. There were some occasions when we'd shout all together and laugh out loud. I bet people are looking at us and wonderin' what's the fuzz. But it was just us playin' around and enjoying!

The boys - talking about their XBOX basketball picks. All for the love of XBOX.

And the girls!!! - just chattin' away...

Picking our "baby" for the new year exchange gift!

Yet another memorable Christmas and Family time! We had a blast! This Christmas could not be any more perfect!

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas too!


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