Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st Wedding Anniversary

Yes its been a year and I can't believe how it slipped that fast. For our celebration, we headed to Club Balai Isabel in Talisay Batangas for an overnight stay. But around 830am, there was a knock on the door and I got a dozen red roses from Gio! That was a total surprise! He's not fond of flowers but I am so i was caught off guard. :)

We left for Tagaytay on Sunday (January 17, 2010) at around 10am and arrived at Paseo Sta. Rosa around 1130am which is the fam's meeting place. Gio's sister decided to also celebrate her birthday in Tagaytay so his entire family was also there to celebrate with us! Made our day more special. We had lunch at La Trobada c/o my lovely sis in law - Cathy (yes, same name!). After lunch, we then headed off to Balai Isabel.

The place was peaceful and it stayed true to what you see off of their website. A fairly new place so the facilities are all new too. We were suppose to stay in this other villa but when we saw the view from the Lake Front Suites, Gio immediately changed his mind. The view was breathtaking!

Here is a picture of us - through the veranda of the Suite.

We stayed on the third floor of this building.
So time for my gift - which I've kept until we were fully settled in the room. Can you see how happy he is? This photo is priceless for me... :)And of course, a thank you kiss... :)

It was the perfect day for me. It's truly a peaceful "us" time. We talked and talked for hours reminiscing what we were doing at that exact moment a year ago. There were laughters, tears of joy and contentment. I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate this day. I guess that's how you know you've found the love of you life, when you could spend an entire day just talking endlessly and laughing.

After dinner, we had wine over chips at the veranda while listening to love songs over his laptop. I never liked wine but this one did not have the usual "pakla" I was expecting so I drank a lot and got tipsy. That's a first for me and I enjoyed it! Loved the giddy feeling haha! And the night ended perfectly, can't share the rest...LOL

I love you very much hon...

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