Friday, January 15, 2010


DH and I just got home. My work ended at 1pm and his seminar (Discovery Suites - Ortigas) was until 6pm so I've got lots of time to kill. I went to Glitz - it's this new spa in our office building. I had a foot spa - didn't enjoy it as much as Gloss (which was just nearby too). Oh well... but I had a quick power nap during the service so it gave me enough strength to last until tonight.

I went to Megamall after and guess where I spent more than an hour? Carolina's (it's this fabric and craft storey with lots and lots of trims and ribbons)! Yes so you can imagine the # of ribbons I bought. Guilty as charged. The thing is, I seldom get a chance to go Megamall so when I get there, I always end up buying a lot of ribbons. Well, I had fun and I can't wait to organize and pack those ribbons. I think I bought around 50 kinds. Yeah I know that's a lot but I couldn't resist.
So I lost track of time so I went to The Podium and ate crepe at Cafe Breton which was right in front of Discovery Suites. I just rested there and waited 'til DH arrived, then we just had dinner at Rack's.

And by the way, this Sunday is our first wedding anniversary so we're going out of town. So happy, couldn't believe it's been a year! We're heading to Talisay Batangas to a place called Club Balai Isabel which is beside or very near the Taal Lake. When we saw the pictures, we just couldn't resist! We're booked for Sunday through Monday. And we're also having lunch at this famous Fire Lake Grill on Monday before we head home. We're both so excited!!!

Goodnight & Cheers!

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