Sunday, August 2, 2009

And the idol journey ends...

When we were in tagaytay yesterday, I had one of my nephews check the scrappinmoms blog to check If I made it to the next round and sadly I did not.

So... my idol journey has ended. Although it has, I have no regrets at all. I didn't even know I'd make it to the top 14 out of the 27 who joined. This in itself is already an achievement for me because I have only been scrapping for a few months. It had made me a better scrapper, made me actually finish my LO's (haha!), taught me new things I wouldn't dare try, met a lot of new friends I chat with whenever it's reveal day! and it has stretched my creative juice to the point that I don't even know i'd reach! These and more have improved my skills greatly, and I thank the organizers of scrappinmoms for hosting such an event. I know how taxing it is for you all to do. Great job and kudos to you all!

See what's coming up for the lucky ladies the next few weeks:


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