Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap...

The weekend went by so quickly!

Saturday: Left around 2:40pm last saturday for a kiddie party. It was far! It was in the outskirts of San Mateo! And so we arrived there at around 3:45 already. Nathan (my newphew), really liked the spongebob balloons all over the place. Of course he couldn't join the games yet so he was just squirming a lot. Sadly we had to leave soon 4:45pm coz of the wedding we got to go to. Changed clothes and freshen a bit when we got home and went straight to the wedding, we're really lucky coz there was no traffic at all. So we got there (Edsa Shangrila) at exactly 6pm and the wedding was about to start.
It was a small christian wedding, which is a first for me. Haven't really attended any christian wedding but it was really solemn and intimate. The groom, Vic, is actually hubby's org mate in college. The wedding was also unique in that the theme is actually black and white. The bride was wearing a black top and white bottom gown. So unique and extraordinary!
Here's our pics!

Sunday: We slept late the other night, watched Survivor-Palau 'til 2am! And so we woke up around 1130am, had lunch immediately and headed to Araneta for the DLSU vs. AdMU game. The game is not until 5pm but we had to go early for fear of losing parking space which is normal on an archers vs. eagles games. It started on time, there was an opening prayer dedicated to President Cory Aquino, around 80% of the crowd were actually wearing yellow shirst instead of their school colors to show unity.

The game was awesome although we (DLSU) didn't win. We dominated the game for 36 mins! Which was incredible because we are the underdogs! Nobody was expecting it because of the Ateneo giants which La Salle does not have. I guess that was what's fun about it, since nobody really expected La Salle would dominate the game that long everybody was just jumping around and amazed by what we were seeing. That alone is already a win. Animo La Salle!!

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