Monday, August 3, 2009

UST vs DLSU & Cookbook Kitchen

We watched the UAAP game yesterday. It was my school vs. his and we were so excited. To be frank about it, I really thought we're going to win because La Salle really does not have good players nor a go-to-guy this year. But I was wrong... :(

We went to the Araneta center early around 2:30pm, we'd like to get lowerbox seats so we decided to better be there a bit earlier. First game is also UE and Adamson so, they're both good teams also. We were left with lowerbox tickets behind the basketball goal (which I initially thought was a bad seat). But our position is so perfect because it's not directly behind the goal but rather on the left most side. So we can still see everthing and we've seen ourselves in the camera when we watched the replay later that eve. :)

I couldn't believe it but UE and ADU had 2 overtime so did UST and DSLU! Oh my, it was so worth what we paid for hehe. Unfortunately, UST lost after leading for 17 points in the 3rd quarter! I don't know how DLSU pulled it off but they were good yesterday and they did get better based on what I've seen the last 2 games. Well, next Sunday will be a big big big event with DLSU and AdMU fighting. They have at least a little bit of chance now.

After the game, Honey read a good review at PEX about the Cookbook Kitchen in Mandaluyong so we headed there. I ate their bestseller which is the Parmesan Crusted White Fish which was good enough. I really thought it's like my fave in Italliani's (Parmesan crusted fish fillet) but this one is baked and there was a little bit too much of the rosemary thyme for me. Gio had the Lamb Steak, he said he liked it but didn't really finished his plate. Hahaha...

We decided we'd give it one more try and try some other stuff there (like pasta)... Oooh, getting hungry...

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